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There are a number of walks around Hartshorne but one of the best is the Hartshorne Circular Walk.

This walk is set amidst pleasant, hilly farmland to the North East of Swadlincote, and provides a choice of short, medium and long routes starting from the car park on Manchester Lane in Hartshorne. The options are approximately 3.7, 4.6 and 5.7 km in length respectively and should take around 55 mins, 1hr 10mins and 1hr 30mins The walks incorporate a number of buildings of architectural and historic interest.

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Short walk Short walk (Route A)

Turn right out of the car park (1), and after about 20 metres turn right again between the Church Hall and the Manor House (17th century Grade II* listed building) (2). Follow the well used headland path, cross the stile into the grass field, continue over the next stile, around the headland, pass the stile on the left and join footpath no. 10 to a further stile (3). Descend the headland path (with its scenic view of the parish of Bretby) down to Limehouse Dam (4) and continue around the dam. Bear left and continue up the field headland to the stile.

Over the stile, turn right (5) onto footpath no. 4. After about 100 metres bear left by the second tree. Follow the path along the ridge bottom, keeping right of the trees and bushes (6). Cross another stile at the next field boundary (7), and continue gradually uphill to another stile (8). Cross the stile or pass through the gate at the side, and walk down the headland path to the stile by Sharp's Bottom Wood (9). Follow the headland path and cross the next stile (10). Gradually bear left through the woodland, for about 200 metres to a stile in the south western boundary fence (11). Cross the stile onto footpath no. 7, crossing a large grass field, heading for a line between the ridge on your left and the lone tree to the right. Halfway across the field you will see the stile in the south western corner (12). Beyond it, cross a footbridge, passing a small lake to your left. Follow the headland path up the ridge making for the gap in the next field boundary (13). From here fine views include St. Peter' s Church, Hartshorne which was rebuilt in 1835 but retains a 15th century tower. Head up the crossfield path to the gap next to the field gate (14), before following the track to Manchester Lane, just a few metres from your starting point.

Medium walk Medium Walk (Route B)

Follow Route A to point 5. Cross the stile, turn left and follow the headland along the field boundary. Pass the stile (15) where footpath no. 11 bears to the left, gradually climbing until you reach a stile next to a field gate, under the hawthorn bushes (16). Continue up, bearing left along the path for about 50 metres. Head down the crossfield path to the hedgerow perimeter of Daniel Hay Farm (17). Continue down the headland path, passing through two metal gates into the farmyard (18). Daniel Hay Farmhouse was built in the early 18th century and is a Grade II listed building.

Continue through the farmyard (18), bearing right onto footpath no. 5, down the gradual slope, through two gates. Turn left, down the grassy bank and head for the stile with the fingerpost (19) in the headland fence on the left, cross this stile into Sharp's Bottom Wood. Follow the path over the earth bridge, bear right and climb the path until you reach a track (20). This track is called the 'Gallops' as it is regularly used by the local stables to train race horses. Turn right and follow the track until you reach the stile in the post and rail fence on your left (11).

Rejoin route A as described previously.

Long walk Long Walk (Route C)

Follow Route A or B to point 5.

Climb over the stile onto footpath no. 11. Keep to the headland up the steep bank, on reaching the boundary hedge (21) turn left then right, still following the headland path. From here there are spectacular views. At the stile on the next boundary (22) turn right onto the bridle road known as Mereoak Lane. Follow the grassy track, passing Pisternhill Plantation on your left. Join the B5006 after approximately 50 metres then turn right onto footpath no. 5 (23). Follow the farm track to the farmyard at Daniel Hay Farm (18).

You have now rejoined Route B.

After the walk!

After your walk why not enjoy light refreshment in one of the pubs in the village? The following public houses in Hartshorne all serve bar meals and would be happy to see you. All have their own car parks, though you may wish to walk and take a look at other buildings of architectural or historic interest as you go.

Historic HartshorneA) Almost opposite the car park are nos. 4-6 Manchester Lane 18th century - early 19th century timber framed cottages.

B) Early 19th century public house The Bulls Head.

C) 8/10 Main Street are now a single large timbered Manor House of 1629 and 1669 Grade ii* listed building and the most notable building other than the Church.

D) On Church Street is St. Peter's Church and no. 1 Church Street, a large early 19th century house (E).


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