Photograph of the new St Peter's Wood planted in 2022, taken on 8/12/22 from the seat at the highest point.

Hartshorne Parish Council

Hartshorne Parish Council represents the residents of the parish, including Lower Midway and Goseley Estate. Parish councils are the lowest layer of local government, sitting below district councils (South Derbyshire District Council) and county councils (Derbyshire County Council).

HGV Drivers Using Weight Restricted Roads

It has been brought to the Hartshorne Parish Council's attention that HGV's are using weight restricted roads such as Sandcliffe Road.

Although the enforcement of weight restrictions is not a statutory function, Trading Standards Department do undertake some duties; details of these can be found at the link below, which also contains a link to the monitoring form whereby residents can report allegedly offending vehicles:-

Community Speed Watch

The Parish Council are seeking Parishioners interested in being trained, then taking part in Community Speed Watch. Community Speed Watch is a Police initiative to train members of the Parish in the art of recording and monitoring the speed of vehicles travelling on the roads within the Parish.

If you are interested in taking part and being trained for Community Speed Watch please contact Councillor Kim Coe or Councillor Jim Seaton. Contact details for Cllrs Coe and Seaton can be found on the Council Page of the website, or alternatively email the Parish Clerk.

Parish Council Website

Due to Government requirements for all levels of UK governance websites to be more accessible, the Parish Council have commissioned a new website to meet these obligations.

This site is under constant development, any comments please contact the Parish Clerk.

Parish Council Meeting

The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on the 15th July 2024 at 7:00pm at Hartshorne Cricket Club, Hartshorne.

The Agenda for the upcoming meeting, and Minutes of the previous meeting will be available for download the week before the upcoming meeting.

All Parishioners are invited and welcome to attend the meeting. 15 minutes are provided at the start of each meeting for public representatives to make their views known to the Council.

Councillors from both South Derbyshire District and Derby County Council regularly attend the Parish Council Meeting.